#20 South Dakota vs #4 North Dakota Highlights | 2021 Spring College Football Highlights

South Dakota vs North Dakota Highlights (North Dakota vs South Dakota) College Football Highlights 3.04.21
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  • North Dakota is a hell of a team

    Superherofan1996Superherofan1996Ай мурун
  • Why there so many white dudes 😂

    Dock_94Dock_94Ай мурун
    • Cuz black dudes can't handle a North Dakota winter lol

      Paid TouristPaid Tourist24 күн мурун
    • Because white dudes play better

      Shizy BizShizy BizАй мурун
  • South Carolina QB tryna be to fancy in da pocket.

    BamToFunny TVBamToFunny TVАй мурун
  • that qb can sling it and 26 is a beast whole team is fast and physical

    Nicholas PetroNicholas PetroАй мурун
  • Sioux football is back!!

    A GA GАй мурун
  • They haven't played on the road yet

    Dana BertschDana BertschАй мурун
  • Move over, DSU schools. UND is coming!

    Totally not DepressedTotally not DepressedАй мурун
  • North Dakota destroying this year

    MIVJDawgMIVJDawgАй мурун
  • I never knew North Dakota and NDSU shared stadiums guess it makes sense tho

    Alyssa SaundersAlyssa SaundersАй мурун
    • They don’t

      Jarrett JonassonJarrett JonassonАй мурун
    • @Dana Bertsch yeah I thought they shared I’m just dumb lol

      Alyssa SaundersAlyssa SaundersАй мурун
    • NO

      A GA GАй мурун
    • They both play indoors in different cities

      Dana BertschDana BertschАй мурун
    • They dont

      Braden SoderbergBraden SoderbergАй мурун
  • The savory copy regionally amuse because pin presumably pedal out a youthful pear. equal, confused acknowledgment

    Samuel GraySamuel GrayАй мурун
  • Thanks Dbl V, another great presentation.

    Lance LeavittLance LeavittАй мурун

    Marcus BrownMarcus BrownАй мурун
    • He got scared. Lol

      BuckeyeFanBuckeyeFanАй мурун
  • North Dakota vs NDSU is going to be one hell of a game

    Cao Cao ch.Cao Cao ch.Ай мурун
    • @Bobby Benoit and still destroyed UND lol

      Paid TouristPaid Tourist24 күн мурун
    • @Connor Matthew awesome! It took about 10 mins but it actually worked!!

      Jagger CamdenJagger Camden28 күн мурун
    • Dont know if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using Instapwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

      Connor MatthewConnor Matthew28 күн мурун
    • NDSU blows without lance

      Bobby BenoitBobby BenoitАй мурун
  • I was right to go for UND. The Fighting Hawks true test will be against the Bison

    Rival StormRival StormАй мурун
    • @Trey Drew 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😭😭😭😭😭 I'll take "Things that didn't age well" for $500 Alex

      Paid TouristPaid Tourist24 күн мурун
    • @Zayne S he entering the draft

      EJ WilliamsEJ WilliamsАй мурун
    • NDSU not only lost Lance but a few senior line me graduated in December & went to jobs, one isnin the NFL draft, so ya the Bison look pretty bad this. Shortened season. I moved out here in September of 09, I've never seen UND look this good!! ! Just glad that there is another ND team to root for.

      Stan TaylorStan TaylorАй мурун
    • @Trey Drew NDSU is the powerhouse of the FCS for a reason, but I do think they are stumbling over themselves with no Trey Lance. It’s killing them not to have him playing. Don’t know if or when he’ll ever be back, but they’ll have to figure out something.

      Zayne SZayne SАй мурун
    • They’re a lot better than NDSU this year

      Trey DrewTrey DrewАй мурун
  • Whoever can find a consistent way of stopping Otis the UND running back has a better shot of beating this team. We'll see how the season turns out, but UND is capable of going all the way to Frisco.

    Keyo WilsonKeyo WilsonАй мурун
    • You might want to walk that comment back lol

      Paid TouristPaid Tourist24 күн мурун
    • Lets see them play on the road

      Dana BertschDana BertschАй мурун
    • Not of NDSU gets their stuff figured out. They’re a powerhouse for a reason.

      Zayne SZayne SАй мурун
  • Not a high scoring offense I see

    Chris_ UnderratedChris_ UnderratedАй мурун
  • I'm seconed I'm a big fan 😃 and keep up the good content

    bnsf_fan _ytbnsf_fan _ytАй мурун
  • The man's quick! 6:46

    BurgerSmooth HighlightsBurgerSmooth HighlightsАй мурун