#24 Southern Illinois vs North Dakota Highlights | 2021 Spring FCS College Football Highlights

Southern Illinois vs North Dakota Highlights (North Dakota vs Southern Illinois) College Football Highlights 2.20.21
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  • Turn overs will always kill a team

    Derek HDerek H14 күн мурун
  • So they lost to North Dakota but beat North Dakota State? What a weird year for football

    dharris1205dharris120529 күн мурун
  • Jesus Loves You

    IV TonesIV TonesАй мурун
  • Lol southern Illinois loses bad to North Dakota then blows out North Dakota State😂

    Chase JohnsChase JohnsАй мурун
  • Go Fighting Sioux!!

    Old Guys Rock!!Old Guys Rock!!Ай мурун
  • It is honestly kind of cool to have spring football this year.

    Chris KaminskiChris KaminskiАй мурун
    • It really is. Im glad the XFL is coming back next year in the spring as well. I honestly wish the FCS would continue to play in the spring. Its too big of a gap without college football for 8 months

      Victors ValiantVictors ValiantАй мурун
  • We've been blessed with spring football for three years in a row now. Where my AAF heads at???

    David ConnorDavid ConnorАй мурун
  • They should call themselves "North Dakota The State University" just to intimidate other teams and confuse recruits.

    David ConnorDavid ConnorАй мурун
    • Idk if they'll be willing to call themselves anywhere near their instate rivals

      dharris1205dharris120529 күн мурун
  • That corner blitz was nasty

    JuJu MoJuJu MoАй мурун
  • Any football game in February is a good football game. Thanks

    Lance LeavittLance LeavittАй мурун
  • I never doubt North Dakota

    Rival StormRival StormАй мурун
  • North Dakota has a nice field

    MIVJDawgMIVJDawgАй мурун
  • You should make highlight videos for the big sky games that start next week!!

    Michael ShulikovMichael ShulikovАй мурун
  • How bad a beating would any fcs team take against any fbs team?

    Rodrigo GonzalezRodrigo GonzalezАй мурун
    • uhhh... depends on the team. Look at NMSU this spring lol

      siouxsoixsiouxsiouxsoixsiouxАй мурун
    • NDST would give ppl a run for their money

      Mr TouchdownMr TouchdownАй мурун
  • North dakota looks legit

    Shawn MShawn MАй мурун
  • North Dakota got the upset it was a blowout

    College sports ProductionCollege sports ProductionАй мурун
  • Glad to see the Hawks putting on a show!l Great team effort.

    Stan TaylorStan TaylorАй мурун
    • Go Fighting Sioux!!!

      Old Guys Rock!!Old Guys Rock!!Ай мурун
  • Gold bless lyrically

    Demetri RiversDemetri RiversАй мурун
  • God bless you

    Cars AmericaCars AmericaАй мурун
  • UND

    Abby IKAbby IKАй мурун
  • What the heck? Is this a real game? Ha ha ha

    AdamNethertonAdamNethertonАй мурун
    • Yes this how it should be football all year around

      K20ng PadrinoK20ng PadrinoАй мурун
    • @BurgerSmooth Highlights I can't tell him. I'm dead. I don't exist anymore. lol!

      AdamNethertonAdamNethertonАй мурун
    • @AdamNetherton lol don't tell Turkey Twister! 😂

      BurgerSmooth HighlightsBurgerSmooth HighlightsАй мурун
    • @BurgerSmooth Highlights I just died. You killed me with that one. lol!

      AdamNethertonAdamNethertonАй мурун
    • @BurgerSmooth Highlights are you joking?

      Storm TrackersStorm TrackersАй мурун
  • never thought i would be this early to a victors valiant post

    Free BeatsFree BeatsАй мурун
  • Video and audio issues were from the broadcast

    Victors ValiantVictors ValiantАй мурун