These talents made audiences, televiewers and coaches not just only in Holland but all over the world that amazed by their best performances in the blind auditions. Which is your favorite?


1. Gangsta's Paradise/Survivor - Imelda Wallerlei
2. Redemption Song - Mitchell Brunnings
3. Imagine - Shirma Rouse
4. At Last - Ferry De Ruiter
5. What About Us - Tjindjara
6. End of the Road - Dwight Dissels
7. Emotion - O'G3NE
8. Let's Get It On - David Dam
9. Hello - Kimberly
10. Don't You Worry Child - Jarno Ibarra
11. I Will Always Love You - Romy Monteiro
12. A Song For You - Steffen Morrison
13. Who's Loving You - Jennie Lena
14. A Man's World - Charly Luske
15. The Greatest Love of All - Abigail Martina

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  • E non sono razzisti e sono stati molto più punitivi con i kartofel e i loro collaborazionisti dopo la fine della seconda guerra mondiale,,,,,,la storia insegna,viva la Italia,viva la Europa unita!

    denny fornaradenny fornara14 күн мурун
  • Gli olandesi sono bella gente ottimi cantanti e soprattutto le olandesi sono belle donne,sportive pure e.

    denny fornaradenny fornara14 күн мурун
  • Jennie Lena, Dwight, Kimberly are my fav

    B BB B14 күн мурун
  • EWWW

    SSАй мурун
  • Sans intérêt. Une pâle copie des anglo-saxons. Rien de hollandais.

    JulesRouleauJulesRouleau2 ай мурун
  • When the judges turned chair after a split second of hearing just a few words of the line.. Me: So this is a hungry wolves look likes spotting their 'food'.. They're so alert dude 😂😂😂 A whole pack of them by the way 😂😂😂

    Innah BuenafeInnah Buenafe2 ай мурун
  • Boy, those dutch can sing, although their dancing skills are questionable. lol

    O OO O3 ай мурун
  • I love the voice of Holland what are the man and women eating the cake that's the only way I can describe them 😂😂 they are brilliant!!

    Glenn BarryGlenn Barry3 ай мурун
  • The voice of Holland the original is always the best 👍 thank you from Southern California! ❤️

    SKYWATCHER DennisSKYWATCHER Dennis5 ай мурун
  • the voice Holland is the the best

    Soltan GabsiSoltan Gabsi8 ай мурун
  • I love the voice of Holland great singers on it lots of talent as well

    Glenn BarryGlenn Barry8 ай мурун
  • 12:02 play it with 144 resolution, it feels like 80's

    NurcholisNurcholis9 ай мурун
  • The best holland ❤ from 🇮🇩

    Brz BobbyBrz Bobby9 ай мурун
  • These are my favorite blind auditions ever yass

    jenn love.jenn love.11 ай мурун
  • Voice of Africa is real name! Not Holland

    kris1996kris1996Жыл мурун
  • I couldn’t denied , holland bravo , i love u kimberly

    Am SinounAm SinounЖыл мурун
  • 1:46 , 15:35 ,22:40 and 24:40 are too good 😭😭

    C DwgC DwgЖыл мурун
  • Ningún país supera a Holanda en talento de sus cantantes,son increíbles 👏🏻

    nicolas gimeneznicolas gimenezЖыл мурун
  • From Italy with love..there's nothing to say ... the most beautiful people in the world🥰

    chicca trillichicca trilliЖыл мурун
  • Kimberly got me serious goosebumps.Well done.

    Mr. ThuntMr. ThuntЖыл мурун
  • Charlie the Man

    deandeanЖыл мурун
  • Love from indonesia :(

    Muhammad iqbal NugrahaMuhammad iqbal NugrahaЖыл мурун
  • Wow the girl who sang what about is not just a good singer but she's so stunning

    JackJackЖыл мурун
  • The voice of holland still the best one

    Yassine AbYassine AbЖыл мурун
  • These Dutch guys can really sing gosh

    Thompson WaterwayThompson WaterwayЖыл мурун
  • Lets get it on!

    p1n6up1n6uЖыл мурун
  • "the end of the road" was amazing. the voice of holland never disappoints me. and kimberly? masterpiece.

    Madalina ButnariuMadalina ButnariuЖыл мурун
  • Voice of Holland is the best, it is a level up in comparison to others

    • Agreeable...

      Benidicto LaurianoBenidicto Lauriano2 ай мурун
    • That’s because Holland is the OG show 😉

      Ellisa MarieEllisa Marie3 ай мурун
    • Yes I'm Irish and I love it so much!

      Glenn BarryGlenn Barry3 ай мурун
    • All of you Bros actually understand the real singing....

      HeMa droidHeMa droid4 ай мурун
    • Nah I think USA is the best as looking here from Asia.

      aribam athoibaaribam athoiba6 ай мурун
  • except Charly Lusk this is the worse collection

    Shamas AShamas AЖыл мурун
  • all of them.. are all winners.. dammmmmnnn!!!

  • Holland have some absolute talents. I'm amazed. I love all theme. Greetings from Albania 🇦🇱

    Eri BeatEri BeatЖыл мурун
  • Jennie lena is the craziest range and control

    masajusp 69masajusp 69Жыл мурун
  • The second guy is the truly the reincarnation of bob

    bigmez83bigmez832 жыл мурун
  • Far out, these people are amazing that I cried 😭💕

    XtxinxXtxinx2 жыл мурун
  • Jennie Lena 22:39 she's the best

    dadang sunaradadang sunara2 жыл мурун
  • I like a holland the voice always make a great result

    Mamang UuMamang Uu2 жыл мурун
    • A I agree and agree. Wow

      bar10 mlbar10 ml5 ай мурун
  • The booger man

    minggoy cortezminggoy cortez2 жыл мурун
  • Why nobody dutch Song?

    simone fruzzettisimone fruzzetti2 жыл мурун
    • On part 2, I promise 😊

      The Voice MasterpieceThe Voice MasterpieceЖыл мурун
  • A melhor seleção! Amei!

    Jadir FernandesJadir Fernandes2 жыл мурун
  • Those are some mighty interesting chords in Imagine!!!

    Quyen TranQuyen Tran2 жыл мурун
  • Wow just wow

    امجاد محمدامجاد محمد2 жыл мурун
  • Geen Ben Saunders?

    Patrick BrasseurPatrick Brasseur2 жыл мурун
  • OG3NE🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • The dutch have great voices wow

    - Hazza -- Hazza -2 жыл мурун
  • El nivel de Holanda está muy por encima de cualquier país Europeo.

    Dani 25Dani 252 жыл мурун
  • Jenie Lena😘😘😘😘😘 OMG

    Lucia sandovalLucia sandoval2 жыл мурун
  • I like voice Holland

    J7 ProJ7 Pro2 жыл мурун
  • Thats really hello

    mujahid abdumujahid abdu2 жыл мурун
  • From sudan wooooooow just amaizing

    mujahid abdumujahid abdu2 жыл мурун
  • 23:08

  • 23:10

  • Charli luske

    azfa jejakaazfa jejaka2 жыл мурун
  • I agree 💯 percent with this list, actually saw a few that I have not seen before, FYI they now are doing a Senior version that is quite good, might want to check them out as well.

    Ken BradleyKen Bradley2 жыл мурун
  • 20:50 el mejor lejos !!

    AleToaSTyAleToaSTy2 жыл мурун
  • Ufff the singer of hello

    Yerika RenteriaYerika Renteria2 жыл мурун
  • No songs in Dutch. Hardly any Dutch singers. What actually makes this the best of Holland? Not that there weren't good performances but it could have been any English speaking country. Where is the nation's pride or is that no pc any longer?

    Meir WiseMeir Wise2 жыл мурун
    • @Meir Wise A Nations pride is overrated.

      JJЖыл мурун
  • the " goodnight girls " are just angels over smooth and perfect.

    Hoàng nguyễnHoàng nguyễn2 жыл мурун
  • I think the best are the one who sings end of the road,hello,a mans world and most especially jenie lena's whos loving you..i lalalalalalove it...

    Erika May LucenaErika May Lucena2 жыл мурун

  • Many soulful ppl in holland ya 😎

    HirriqHirriq2 жыл мурун
  • Jennie legend ❤

    Thiago MarquesThiago Marques2 жыл мурун

    Robert CraigRobert Craig2 жыл мурун
  • Voice of Holland is the best

  • Brasil deixando sua marca aqui!!

    Willams KennedyWillams Kennedy3 жыл мурун
  • 넘좋군

    ppark _ppark _3 жыл мурун
  • There seems to be a....pattern here......!! hmmmmmmmm...................

    Tripl3333Tripl33333 жыл мурун
  • Kimberly is awesomely beautiful. ...ohhhhh and talented.

    Tripl3333Tripl33333 жыл мурун
  • T Jindjara is awesomely beautiful. ...ohhhhh and talented.

    Tripl3333Tripl33333 жыл мурун
  • Lots of love to Holland from Nepal..💕💕💕

    A nobody from nowhereA nobody from nowhere3 жыл мурун
  • the dutch version of the show .. the original is the best of the lot .. no other comes close to the variety consistently great singers ... the us version has turned into the country voice usa and its a total joke .. the uk version its awfull too many average singers or ppl who shouldnt be on it .. the rest are hit and miss ... the dutch one is the shit hands down

    Sean GottsSean Gotts3 жыл мурун
  • Jenie lena

  • the voice holland is the best, the voice us uk are suck lol

    DarkVirusDarkVirus3 жыл мурун
  • How is Julia Van de Toorn not in this?

    Scott TrotterScott Trotter3 жыл мурун
  • holland😘

    TluanG PuiATluanG PuiA3 жыл мурун
  • The best of the best.! Ridiculous of good.!!!

    Nilda BarbosaNilda Barbosa3 жыл мурун
  • 22:39 that's all you guys need to know

    Chris McKeeChris McKee3 жыл мурун
    • Lmao!! Yep, that’s the one

      Jay VeeJay Vee7 ай мурун
    • that's what i'm searching about, thank you

      Ibrahim HadadIbrahim Hadad2 жыл мурун
  • the guy singing at last idk all i could see was his nose hairs needs a trimmin.

    SquallLeonheartSquallLeonheart3 жыл мурун
  • 22:37 the best!!!

    franco tarifafranco tarifa3 жыл мурун
  • Im just seeing this, amazing amazing!!!

    YuniYuni3 жыл мурун
  • Kimberly !

    manddromanddro3 жыл мурун
  • 1.39 i really like that

    Aziz TekleAziz Tekle3 жыл мурун
  • imagine hhhh

    daung tmdaung tm3 жыл мурун
  • This is without a doubt the most talent packed into a voice or singing contest video on the whole of KGfilm. Holland is without a doubt one of the most talented country for these shows and I feel you should make one for the kids show aswell. Awesome work respect. It's good to find really worthy the voice best Lists on youtube!! Keep up the awesome work Love from Australia

    Aidan PapaAidan Papa3 жыл мурун
    • as they say ORIGINAL's always Original

      Owen SunuwarOwen Sunuwar2 жыл мурун
    • Thank you for the appreciation and for the kind words you've mentioned. I will also make for the KIDS VERSION soon :)

      The Voice MasterpieceThe Voice Masterpiece3 жыл мурун
  • La de sombrerito..😱😱😱 Like 2018

    Sayda RodrizaSayda Rodriza3 жыл мурун
    • zA Rodríguez La de rojo OwO

      TMG ThemobgamezTMG Themobgamez2 жыл мурун
  • Troppa pubblicità inserita.

    zamarcozamarco3 жыл мурун
  • damn it's the best so far

    semoga Emak bisa naik hajisemoga Emak bisa naik haji3 жыл мурун
    • @The Voice Masterpiece welcome

      Helen ErutHelen Erut3 ай мурун
    • Thanks for your appreciation :)

      The Voice MasterpieceThe Voice Masterpiece3 жыл мурун
  • I'm noticing a pattern

    Onryo SanOnryo San3 жыл мурун
    • chump what do you mean?

      ice amatriamice amatriam3 жыл мурун
    • Yes they are all VERY talented. Doesn't stop the pattern though.

      RemmRemm3 жыл мурун
    • They are all talented.

      CCCCCC3 жыл мурун
    • I noticed that too! Probably why the second last guy got such a good response from the judges!

      RemmRemm3 жыл мурун
    • What pattern?

      The Voice MasterpieceThe Voice Masterpiece3 жыл мурун
  • Extraña mezcla, unos muy buenos y otros pésimos.

    Manuel MoranteManuel Morante3 жыл мурун
  • Top D+++++ este canal ganhou mais uma inscrita ✨🌷💖🌷✨ Love you ✨🌷🇧🇷🌷✨ (( O Que Fazer eletrônico ))

    Franny BeckerFranny Becker3 жыл мурун