Choosing YouTube Over Being a Doctor

Maaz, what have you been doing for the past few years? Why are you so slow to upload? Well... let me animate a story for you, all about choosing KGfilm instead of being a doctor... for now ;)

Tried a lot of new things here, so I hope you like them! There's also another video coming out later this week~

Major thanks to my team:
KaiPie (Animator) -
Pepiot (BG Artist) - pepi0t
Rynthie (BG Artist) - Rynthie
NuNu91011 (BG Artist) - NuNuIsTaken
Gigi D (BG Artist) -
Mimitsuuu (BG Artist) - mimitsuuu

Thanks to Taylor (@Achilles_heelys) and Maddie (@itsmaffie) for additional assistance with the video :)

and study to become a doctor


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