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Video Information

Apps Used:
➤Gacha Club

Subscriber count on Upload: 71,446

Time Taken: 9 days


Fan arts by:

Gacha Lovely:


Credits to:

Thank you Kochan for letting me use some of your characters!

Some characters are from Kochan =3=
Here's her channel link if you don't know her:

Updike's designs are from BuckeryYes inspired
Here's his channel link:


Credits + Timestamps:

00:00 Intro

00:08 Cyrix - System Crash

4:26 Nonsense - Nonsense

5:34 Opheebop - Freedom!

7:46 Flippy - Flippin-Out

10:23 Red - The Real Deal

12:32 Updike - Remorse

15:28 Kou - K.O.U

17:42 Bob - Onslaught

19:25 Upcoming Next...

19:32 Fanarts of the week

19:38 Outro



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  • Part 10 would take a while since there are 22 characters... Characters on Part 10: Tabi Sarv Ruv Selever Zardy Kapi Rebecca Tord CJ Ruby Matt Bob Garcello Hex Tiky Shaggy Sky Whitty Red sus Brightside Starecrown Annie Maybe I'll add more

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  • Hey I really love your videos! I know I might be asking too much, but is it alright if you could do a tutorial video on making Updike's (Updyke) character in Gacha Club. I've been wanting to make Updike (Updyke) in Gacha Club but I just can't for some reason- So is it alright if you did a tutorial about it?

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