How to Play Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2021

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Alphabetical, and with timestamps, all fifty-eight characters in Rainbow Six Siege with a minute's worth of information apiece. Start here.
Big thanks to Pro for helping me get some clips I needed.
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How to Play Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2021
0:00 Intro
1:06 Ace
2:09 Alibi
3:11 Amaru
3:28 Aruni
4:30 Ash
5:27 Bandit
6:28 Blackbeard
7:35 Blitz
8:14 Buck
9:15 Capitao
10:30 Castle
11:43 Caveira
12:55 Clash
13:17 Doc
14:16 Dokkaebi
15:17 Echo
16:30 Ela
17:37 Finka
17:40 Frost
18:42 Fuze
19:49 Glaz
20:40 Goyo
21:35 Gridlock
22:54 Hibana
24:03 Iana
25:09 IQ
26:19 Jackal
27:39 Jager
28:48 Kaid
29:39 Kali
30:41 Kapkan
31:55 Lesion
33:27 Lion
34:44 Maestro
35:57 Maverick
37:11 Melusi
38:14 Mira
39:41 Montagne
40:50 Mozzie
41:50 Mute
43:00 Nokk
44:05 Nomad
45:30 Oryx
46:36 Pulse
47:51 Rook
49:01 Sledge
50:16 Smoke
51:19 Tachanka
52:21 Thatcher
53:36 Thermite
54:34 Twitch
55:38 Valkyrie
56:30 Vigil
57:41 Wamai
58:48 Warden
59:39 Ying
1:00:41 Zero
1:01:56 Zofia
1:02:58 Jett
1:03:47 Shout-outs and frequently asked questions!

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