Hum Hain Rahi Lockdown Ke - Episode 2 with Siddharth Nigam & Abhishek Nigam

This show is about celebrity couples, celebrity siblings and their families who are locked in with each other during this lockdown. Each episode will see them coming together for the Some Fun, Some Games over the video calling app.
So lets see how are the celebrities are bonding with their loved ones over household chores.. games and emotions..lets play some games to see How Well do they know each other .. and how well has the bonding become all the more stronger, by making them do some tasks.
People were always complaining that they don't have enough time for themselves and their family and now they have all time in the world with their families during this lockdown.
So lets see how are they bonding with their loved ones over household chores.. games n emotions

So heres to all the people out there cause..
i have done the editing with whatever resorces i had at home during this lockdown with the help of my family members so kindly bear with me.
the editing might not be professional but gave it a shot for the 1st time ever.
Genre: Entertainment - Fun and Games with celebrities
Conceptualized By: Manasvi Vyaas
Writer: Manasvi Vyaas
Director: Manasvi Vyaas
Edited By: Prerak Vyaas & Manasvi Vyaas
#AbhishekNigamAndSiddharthNigam #lockdown
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