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Welcome to Oman! What an incredible country and destination in the Middle East. In my first video in the Oman series, I show you what it's like to live with a bedouin family in the desert.

At the beginning of my Oman trip, I stayed with a real bedouin family, in their desert compound in the Wahiba Sands. I followed them around as they went about their day, tried to help out and filmed bits of their lives to show you just how difficult they have it - and how they manage their day-to-day in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

*The adults' names have been changed to ensure their privacy.


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  • Thank you for all your wonderful feedback ❤️ I'm so honoured to have been able to stay with this beautiful family, and even more honoured still that they trusted me to film their life and make a video for you all about it. If you enjoyed this vlog, make sure you watch the next one from my Oman series, which is all about how I camped alone in the mountains around Jebel Shams 🙂 See you there 😘

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  • I want to marry you and settle in this dessert for the rest of our lives, loving you day and night unconditionally and keep you safe from this dangerous world, it think peace and health is the biggest wealth and these people have it.. Whats your opinion? You wanna give it a try?😮

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  • Sooo the man do the work and women in the kitchen is created by society its not biological

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    • There are different social rules depending on the culture. But in every culture men are the ones who do the HARD hard work or all the social stuff with other people.

  • I live in Oman since 4 years. ❤️❤️

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  • and for every young lady, 'baby' these goats are precious! weddings and or marriage is bargained between animals , food, precious commodities, and men. stop lying to the world. unless you have truly been apart of this your so called story is a complete lie to each of these little girls!!!!

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  • tell the truth, we travel. what you are calling 'home' is our families base. most of the time we are not here, our parents are but we as living people are traveling and taking care of our stock.

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  • Desert Riyadh Saudi Arabia safari national park 🇸🇦👍 Belly dance music Riyadh Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦👍

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  • In Bedioun lifestyle, women play their true role in the society, women are able to do many things that civilized society assumed to be not feminine , women here work , provide , guide and fight , no need to be given these qualities as rights , it is common sense in Bedioun culture

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  • This was AMAZING! Thank you for showing me! :) I wish those little girls would be happy like that forever. You know, we in the West look at gender segregated societies and feel worried. But who among us has not wanted to get away from men behaving inappropriately? Like every woman in the West has had that experience. Maybe it's good to be able to get away sometimes, to have your culture say that is ok, instead of being around some random man who is bullying you for his own weird amusement and having to pretend to be tough. I saw another society in a lush rainforest environment where they were gender segregated and they showed all of what they did. Because neither party really understood what each other did they didn't nag each other, they were just happy for each others labour. And they spent a lot of time doing fun things secretly. I'm not sure if it is like that in the desert. I'm sure societies like this can have terrible problems, but ours does too. And I've noticed that western men when western women complain use exactly a society like this to tell us we shouldn't complain because it could be worse and we could be in the middle east, and that's supposed to make us grateful for our own problems. Maybe, just maybe, all of these societies they would point to and say that aren't really as terrible as they say. Maybe, just maybe, they carry the old colonial myths that everyone black or brown is uncivilised and just has to be worse than them???? Maybe they think they are already perfect and we should be grateful because they are the "best men"? Maybe it's racism? Just my thoughts.

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  • This remember me of my childhood when my Paternal elders lived like that some of them are still living like that but we have changed because we are living in cities now but I still remember and love to feel that time

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