Making Avocado Couple Characters With Polymer Clay 🥑


What do you know about the true love of two avocados? And about the love of two halves of one avocado? We are sure we intrigued you! This love exists between Ava and Сado - two halves of the popular comic!

And today we will recreate the characters of Ava and Сado using polymer clay. And we will need a lot of it! As you understand, the main color of the characters is green, and we will create the details with other bright colors. After all, details are very important in creating an image!

But if you thought that we were just repeating the characters of Avocado Couple, you are wrong! We’ve prepared some little surprises ... Would you like a hint? First, you will find out what is inside the Avocado. And secondly, you will meet someone else, creepy and cute at the same time. And that’s not all! Watch our new video about the creation of this crazy couple to the end and find out all the secrets of the unusual copies of Ava and Cado!

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