My love life as a trans woman

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  • Im genuinely sorry if the Christian community hasn’t shown u kindness. Jesus loves you

    Lila VLila VСаат мурун
  • I thought y'all didn't believe in God.

    Clutch BoiClutch Boi2 саат мурун
  • God loves us all, why choose hate? We’re all human, have the same blood.

    Anime TiddiesAnime Tiddies2 саат мурун
  • I believe in equal rights but you can’t blame people for not wanting to be with a trans person

    Runners KneeRunners Knee3 саат мурун
  • Whoop whoop Just kidding dis is mine

    Great Big bumGreat Big bum10 саат мурун
  • Why does it have so many colors??? “Cause it pwetty” UvU

    Katzkun !!!!!Katzkun !!!!!11 саат мурун
  • Why she eat it like that

    Emonee CulverEmonee Culver11 саат мурун
    • You are an unbreakable strong woman never forget 😊😊😊😊

      Emonee CulverEmonee Culver11 саат мурун
    • 😭😭😭😭😭😂🤣🤣😂😂

      Emonee CulverEmonee Culver11 саат мурун
  • Guys, a fact. God does not support lgbt+. In fact he says that it wrong to be lgbt+. He does not say to hate people that is lgbt+, we still gotta treat em with respect

    AMAZINGHUMAN With BrainsAMAZINGHUMAN With Brains11 саат мурун

      Tae’s Cup Of TaeTae’s Cup Of Tae8 саат мурун
  • I feel dumb for not realizing that she's a trans man earlier🤦

    🖤Chrollo&Hisoka🖤🖤Chrollo&Hisoka🖤13 саат мурун
  • I use all pronouns considering i’m born as a female but this made me feel better about using other pronouns because at first it was just (she/her/they/them) and then I felt something else in my pansexual heart so I decided to use all pronouns :3 (she/her/they/them/he/him)

    The WholesomeThe Wholesome15 саат мурун
  • ok

    Pepe LauncherPepe Launcher15 саат мурун
  • You're beautiful never forget that

    anya oblonanya oblon15 саат мурун
  • I would have gonna with partner 2

    SsSyko VVolfSsSyko VVolf15 саат мурун
  • That’s really super cute!

    ChaoticAngelKittenChaoticAngelKitten17 саат мурун
  • I’m a trans male that’s pansexual and polyamorous- I relate to this

    VillianKingMCVillianKingMC18 саат мурун
  • no

    Tsm AboudyTsm Aboudy18 саат мурун
  • God giving me a lesbian heart

    22Todoroki🔥🧊22Todoroki🔥🧊20 саат мурун
  • Cringe

    NCXNCX20 саат мурун
  • God didn't give me a heart, but he gave me a bag and a lot of 304s

    GigaChadGigaChad21 саат мурун
  • Question: why is there a “0” in God?

    KendallKendall21 саат мурун
  • Have fun with satans wife

    Mythical GamesMythical Games21 саат мурун
  • Ew

    Mythical GamesMythical Games21 саат мурун
  • Ew

    Mythical GamesMythical Games21 саат мурун
  • Eq

    Mythical GamesMythical Games21 саат мурун
  • Good: we have a problem she is half what we going to do Agel:one on on hart put line then over half God: here -givs trans/besexul heat Me :why God:anything you do the we be over aser nest to over aser so you put then together Me:okay

    tia the crazy and brook the crazy oktia the crazy and brook the crazy ok22 саат мурун
  • Damn when I got an ace heart god must've decided my family needed to seriously get out of the gene pool lmao

    Celceus I GuessCelceus I Guess23 саат мурун
  • This is how god should be thought of in christianity

    Sean ThorpeSean Thorpe23 саат мурун
  • You're beautiful ❤❤❤ Just wanted to say that uwu

    Jeez_ OXerJeez_ OXerКүн мурун
  • The end is me 🌚

    IsabellaIsabellaКүн мурун
  • That's terrible

    kyle whitekyle whiteКүн мурун
  • Finally someone who doesnt make god a bad person. I am Christian and I support anybody and I most definitely won't judge them

    Bailie bugBailie bugКүн мурун
  • I'm 8 wat does tHos colors men

    paulino tufinopaulino tufinoКүн мурун
  • This really how women perceive being difficult 🤦🏿‍♂️

    Howard DavisHoward DavisКүн мурун
  • God: Gives me non binary heart Me: What- Is that even a gender? God: *Yesn't*

    KaiwiKaiwiКүн мурун
  • Partner 2 rip

    Derp SquadDerp SquadКүн мурун
  • Woohoo trans 🏳️‍⚧️ pride

    💖Bonnet the Bonnie puppet💖💖Bonnet the Bonnie puppet💖Күн мурун
  • 🥺❤️

    mausiii1999mausiii1999Күн мурун
  • Shes really pretty

    Valerie ReinhardtValerie ReinhardtКүн мурун
  • God: gives neptunic and questioning Me: well which is it That’s for u to decide 🤠 Cus I think I’m neptunic but I still don’t have a clue 🙃

    Galaxyfnaf And DinoGalaxyfnaf And DinoКүн мурун
  • I support u

    Aubery BowyerAubery BowyerКүн мурун
  • Ew

    sweet dreamssweet dreamsКүн мурун
  • Ok first off it’s not G0d it’s God and he would never do that because he is the one who created us and we are meant to say the opposite gender

    NoobTime YesNoobTime YesКүн мурун
  • Haha partner one- xD partner 2 was so cute tho TwT I feel that I'm a trans boy and- yeh my class still calls me she even tho I told them I prefer he/him or they/them pronounce- TwT

    》ⁱᵐᵃᵍⁱⁿᵃʳʸ•ʷᵒʳˡᵈ《》ⁱᵐᵃᵍⁱⁿᵃʳʸ•ʷᵒʳˡᵈ《Күн мурун
  • Cuz it’s pretty-

    Strawberry JamKamStrawberry JamKamКүн мурун
  • The decor above her bed in the mirror is literally the same color 🎨

    Mia SandwithMia SandwithКүн мурун
  • Why did she spell God like G0d like is it a curse word No for me

    Presley DurhamPresley DurhamКүн мурун
  • İf the god gives u the gay feelings then why did he even made u straight when u was born🙂 Doesnt make any sense Literally any sense

    yomna hamedyomna hamedКүн мурун
  • Nobody gonna talk about the fact that partner one just tried to heart the heart?-

    Dulce FloresDulce Flores2 күн мурун
  • God: *hands me a bisexual heart* Me: *has no idea what to do with it til highschool* COVID: *exists* My love life: *extinct* Me: *gives my heart to anime*

    R A I NR A I N2 күн мурун
  • Eat your heart out I guess.

    Nehemiah PalmerNehemiah Palmer2 күн мурун
  • why is nobody talking about the trans flag

    BobateaxhelenaBobateaxhelena2 күн мурун
    • Bc it's pretty damn obvious

      Jade CabinetJade Cabinet2 күн мурун
  • People took the saying, "I think therefore I am quite literally".

    G尺ιΜㄨ沢εαㄗεΓ之G尺ιΜㄨ沢εαㄗεΓ之2 күн мурун
  • Hhhhha needed to laugh so hard at the demisexual part cause yas gurl🤣 samme over here

    Musicissmylife 05Musicissmylife 052 күн мурун
  • ok

    moemoe2 күн мурун
  • G0d won't talk to you

    ♡_Aiko_♡♡_Aiko_♡2 күн мурун
  • I met someone at school who thought that the trans flag was actually the straight flag and this is what she said: The pink represents feminism The blue represents manliness And the white is the purity of god bonding them together I go to middle school you would think that nobody there would be that stupid. Oh wait nevermind I’m a gen z and our generation is doomed

    ToastPandaPlaysToastPandaPlays2 күн мурун
    • Well, that description, isn't off by much..

      jersey Lewisjersey Lewis16 саат мурун
    • Well....there is some hope you exist after all. They said same thing about millennials but there are a few good ones out there...

      ShinkoShinkoКүн мурун
  • As a Genderfluid: Sometimes I think when I come out to someone they wouldn't want to have me around them and tell everyone else or bully me so I just tell trusted people or other people who support or in the LGBTQ community

    :V:V2 күн мурун
  • I'm sorry sis but you can't change your chromosomes

    Levi WalkerLevi Walker2 күн мурун
  • This video breaks my heart. The fact that this cruel world pushed him to the point of hating the way God made him so much that he felt the need to change his own gender. God has a purpose and a plan for everyone and He made us just the way He wanted. And that way is perfect ❤️ Btw, this isn’t a hate comment towards the trans community in any way. Just as a follower of Christ it breaks my heart that Gods children don’t see how perfect he made them

    skylierainskylierain2 күн мурун
  • It went from cute and wholesome to sad to just confusing But I felt calm at the beginning and I’m usually never calm

    Black_ScorpionBlack_Scorpion2 күн мурун
  • I love these kind of videos!!!!

    丨ㄥㄥ乇Ꮆ卂ㄥ 卂ㄥ丨乇几丂丨ㄥㄥ乇Ꮆ卂ㄥ 卂ㄥ丨乇几丂2 күн мурун
  • This is so sweet

    • Itz Sari •• Itz Sari •3 күн мурун
  • im sorry i laughed😭😭😔✌

    ふたるふたる3 күн мурун
  • Is it bad I laughed when the heart went yeet in the mouth?😂

    ¥umiko Rin~¥umiko Rin~3 күн мурун
  • Фу йопт.. Тупо садомія..

    Antetsky ArtemAntetsky Artem3 күн мурун
  • I think God gave me a pink, purple, and blue heart. mom doesn't think he did.

    MidnightUnicorn UnicornMidnightUnicorn Unicorn3 күн мурун
  • I support lgbtq+

    Erin 4EErin 4E3 күн мурун
  • I like how the second partner was respectful, that was nice.

    DuckMonsterDuckMonster3 күн мурун
  • Idk why but i laughed so hard on partner 1 😂😂😗

    Ava YanesAva Yanes3 күн мурун
  • 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

    daisyranadaisyrana3 күн мурун
  • Thank you for putting God in a good light and showing that He actually does love everyone no matter what. It means a lot to me

    AlucardAlucard3 күн мурун
    • @SleepyFlea ???

      Robert RoweRobert Rowe54 мүнөт мурун
    • They were just using it to show their story, not that god actually did that. And I don't understand, do you think you are oppressed for liking god?

      SleepyFleaSleepyFlea11 саат мурун
    • @Fun & Dash He may not support every decision we make, but He never leaves either and will continue to bless with gifts and love us in everything we do.

      AlucardAlucard13 саат мурун
    • @Fun & Dash yes, couldn’t agree more

      Robert RoweRobert Rowe17 саат мурун
    • It's true God love everyone but he doesn't support everyone

      Fun & DashFun & DashКүн мурун
  • Idk what these things mean-

    Clone TrooperClone Trooper3 күн мурун
  • I’m bi:)

    KittenglitchKittenglitch3 күн мурун
  • Me, who is a transgender demisexual: Same-

    A personA person3 күн мурун
  • is he a boy?

    PurpRBPurpRB3 күн мурун
    • she's a girl.

      adam.adam.3 күн мурун
  • What is demi sexual

    Miss TerrorMiss Terror3 күн мурун
    • that u only feel a sexual attraction to people u have a emotional bond with if i remember correctly

      Chibi KazuhaChibi Kazuha2 күн мурун
  • “Just kidding I’m demisexual” SAMEEEEEE, like ⟟ don’t wanna hook up ⟟ want friends or stable relationship 😀

    your local idiot Karl Jamieyour local idiot Karl Jamie3 күн мурун
  • some of the other hearts out there are black and white so god wanted us to have a splash of color

    dat_casanovadat_casanova3 күн мурун
  • you’re not a girl

    Aaden BrownAaden Brown3 күн мурун
    • @Tae’s Cup Of Tae but she is a girl tho

      Chibi KazuhaChibi Kazuha6 саат мурун
    • @Chibi Kazuha but he’s not tho…

      Tae’s Cup Of TaeTae’s Cup Of Tae7 саат мурун
    • she is a girl tho

      Chibi KazuhaChibi Kazuha2 күн мурун
  • Why'd she actually eat the heart?! 😭

    toasted buttertoasted butter3 күн мурун
  • That’s transgender fly lol

    KyleighKyleigh3 күн мурун
  • It’s a dude

    Matt MannMatt Mann3 күн мурун
    • @Matt Mann is it really so hard to just be respectful and accept that she is a girl

      Chibi KazuhaChibi Kazuha2 күн мурун
    • @Chibi Kazuha insisting everyone believes that doesn’t make it true

      Matt MannMatt Mann2 күн мурун
    • @Chibi Kazuha what ever makes you feel normal

      Matt MannMatt Mann2 күн мурун
    • @Matt Mann and people with braincells tells otherwise

      Chibi KazuhaChibi Kazuha2 күн мурун
    • @Chibi Kazuha science tells otherwise. Sorry

      Matt MannMatt Mann2 күн мурун
  • Same girl it's just so.. HeArT bReAkiNg FoR SoMeOnE To EaT mY hEaRt 😔😢✋

    Meh coffee's_hotMeh coffee's_hot3 күн мурун
  • ❤️

    potato chippotato chip3 күн мурун
  • God made you a male

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha3 күн мурун
    • god may have given her a mans body but god gave her a womans heart which is what counts

      Chibi KazuhaChibi Kazuha2 күн мурун
    • And?

      𝒮𝓊𝓃𝓈𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑒 [🌺]𝒮𝓊𝓃𝓈𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑒 [🌺]3 күн мурун
  • U so pretty 💜💜💜💜💜

    kpop stan 200kpop stan 2003 күн мурун
  • 🏳️‍⚧️

    foxtails53foxtails533 күн мурун
  • Ill pray for you!

    Marina McMarina Mc3 күн мурун
  • Demi what? You mean bisexual?

    Secret Agent TauSecret Agent Tau3 күн мурун
  • Creeeeepy....

    Cannasseurs 2014Cannasseurs 20143 күн мурун
  • Me when my mom asks why I’m wearing a lgbtq pin: Cause it’s pretty (legit scared to admit)

    •Itz Guacamole••Itz Guacamole•4 күн мурун
  • I am a transboy :)

    Muffinhead_badboyhaloMuffinhead_badboyhalo4 күн мурун
  • no

    c mc m4 күн мурун
  • wow ... was iam the only one who hearing how masculine her voice , and how beautiful she is ??

    Vivin NdaruVivin Ndaru4 күн мурун
  • Wow your very pretty

    SaiyanSaiyan4 күн мурун
  • God is not a bad word

    Ljiljana JankovicLjiljana Jankovic4 күн мурун