These are the asteroids to worry about

Stephen Hawking thought an asteroid impact posed the greatest threat to life on Earth. Thanks to Kiwico for sponsoring this video. For 50% off your first month of any crate, go to
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Special thanks to:
Prof. Dave Jewitt from UCLA Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences
Prof. Mark Boslough from Sandia National Labs
Scott Manley:
Ryan Wyatt at Morrison Planetarium
Prof. Amy Mainzer
Alexandr Ivanov for the opening shot of Chelyabinsk Meteor

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Researched and Written by Petr Lebedev, Jonny Hyman and Derek Muller
3D animations, VFX, SFX, Audio Mixing by Jonny Hyman
2D animation by Ivàn Tello
Intro animation by Nicolas Pratt
With Filming by Raquel Nuno

Music from "Stellar Dance" "Orbit" "That Notebook" "What We Discovered" "Out of Poppies" "Handwriting"
Images and video supplied by Getty Images

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  • Oh yes, that old 'asteroid gonna hit Earth and destroy us all' theme. That's been going around for 50 years.

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  • Spending 27 years for the iron that doesn't exist? I finally understand how bitcoin works.

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  • 4.5 billion years of B.S. There is absolutely no proof that the earth is that old.

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  • I dont bother fearing asteroids. Its our core and the Sun im worried about.

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  • The result was bad but the event was spectacular. Are we lucky to still be here? Or is our time here so short in cosmic time that we haven't been hit properly yet?

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  • Dinosaurs was not wiped out by an asteroid. Gravity was much weaker then. A dinosaur would not be able to walk on this earth now

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  • Active detection? Massive radar or lidiar ping?

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  • Scientist: "We cannot evacuate a city within a week"?!?! what? cities are evacuated all the time within hours in the case of hurricanes and vulcanos. A normal city commutes a large percentage of the entire population in and out of the city twice a day.

    Jacob HøghJacob Høgh2 күн мурун
    • I agree. His comment about a car breaking down and completely stopping traffic, making evacuation impossible, wasn't very convincing. Don't cars break down on freeways every day?

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  • To be fair, blowing up a 10km asteroid into a handful of 1km pieces would still be far better than dealing with a 10km impactor. It would be the difference between millions of lives, and billions of lives.

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  • Lol i wonder if the dinosaurs watched the skies and thought about their impending doom? wasted energy if you ask me, other than saving a very select few there really is nothing humanity could do to negate a collision from space, fact is we probably wont be able to even save those select few due to not actually detecting an asteroid. Until technology in this field actually becomes better its pointless to waste your breath worrying about it.

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  • Surviving a major asteroid is like surviving World War 3. Nothing can be done but live like there is no tomorrow.

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  • Well, statistically, dyeing due to an asteroid impact is probably low enough that worrying about it is like worrying about dyeing from a thunder on a sunny day. Not saying its not scary in terms of what it can do, but I got real problems to deal with on a daily basis. Based on the Risk matrix, asteroids are less problematic than house accidents.

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  • @Toxic Conversation Now there's an excellent question: *_"Just how far away would you need to be in order to survive the Initial Impact of a meteor ⊕..?"_* Assuming an equivalent • Composition: *Nickel / Iron / Silicates* *5,000kg/m³* • Velocity: *17 km/s* • Impact Angle: *60°* • Epicentre: *Mid-Pacific* • Surface Material: *Water of 4km* *Average Depth* for each projectile. *Diameter of Projectile* 10 Metre: 20 Metre: 50 Metre: 100 Metre: 500 Metre: 1 Kilometre: 10 Kilometre: ? Kilometre: Too Big: *Nowhere on Earth* ⊕ NB: _Putting aside the secondary effects of high altitude ejecta bombardment, rapid atmospheric temperature rise & post impact "nuclear" winter._

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  • "asteroids are not very big". It was my understanding that the whole definition of an asteroid is that it is a LARGE rocky body. Meteoroids are the small ones.

    Wolfsbane 123Wolfsbane 1233 күн мурун
    • Yes compared to other little rocks it could be considered big but compared to the planets/stars in space, they're miniscule.

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    • A lot of people besides Elon would like that too. Trouble is that we don't have a way to do it. Even creating a self-sustaining underground system on Earth is probably beyond our ability to do. If we could, that would be the best defense to most natural disasters.

      MiranoxMiranox3 күн мурун
  • Why not blow it up in a way to remove it's kinect energy (even if it's a pile of rubble) and then use rockets to change the trajectory of the dangerous fragments?

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  • luckily i think we have enough impacts to worry us into thinking about an answer, coupled with a rarity that will give us time to come up with an answer by the time something really dangerous occurs, the atmosphere and the general trakrctories so far seem to make real disasters very unlikely.

    Harry NicholasHarry Nicholas4 күн мурун
  • This is kind of scary, but its comforting to remember that the majority of the earth's surface is water, and an even smaller minority of land is colonized by humans.

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